Comrade Putin’s Fascist Temptation


The ties that bind Putin to gangsters masquerading as politicians.

Ralph Peters: Iran Building a New Persian Empire

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.15.54 AM

Military analyst sounds the alarm on growing global security threats at the West Coast Retreat.

Obama’s Unraveling Foreign Policy


How will the next administration pick up the pieces?

Counter-Revolution and Political Murder in Putin’s Russia


Pourquoi ont-ils tué Nemtsov?

Russia: The Age of Mythology with Nuclear Rockets


Unable to move Russia forward, Putin pushes it thousands of years back into a world of fairy tales.

Putin and the New ‘Iron Curtain’


Combining tyranny at home with aggression abroad.

Ben Shapiro: Obama’s Broken Promises


A Truth Revolt video.

The Lesson of Father Gleb


Remembering a heroic Russian dissident who challenged Communism and the Orthodox Church.

Russian Nativity Play: A Tale of Two Josephs


What happens to a Christmas play when Joseph Stalin is more known than the biblical Joseph.

Raymond Ibrahim on Islam and the West’s Paralysis


Shillman Journalism Fellow discusses Islamic aggression and what the West must do about it.