Putin Storms Ukraine

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A bad situation turns seriously worse.

Hillary’s Two-Faced Foreign Policy


The Obama rerun.

Who Was Yuri Andropov? Ideologue, Policeman, Apparatchik


Why a deceased Soviet butcher has an ever-growing mini-cult following.

Putin’s Secret Message to Obama

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A Truth Revolt video.

The Long-Awaited Investigation into Alexander V. Litvinenko’s Murder


Formal inquiry finally launched into the killing of a KGB-agent-turned-dissident.

Atrocity Over Ukraine

APTOPIX Ukraine Plane-2

A surface-to-air missile massacres 295 people on a Malaysia Airlines jetliner.

Czar Putka’s Imperial Delusions


A new book unveils the dark world of a brutal tyrant driven by messianic delusions.

The Foresight of Patton


A man who could see Stalin’s real agenda long before the rest of the world caught on.

Hillary: Reset Button was “Brilliant Stroke” Until Putin Invaded Another Country


“In retrospect it appears even more so, because look at what we accomplished,” Hillary said.

Russia Challenges Obama’s Asia Pivot with ‘Top Gun’ Encounter


It was an aerial clash not seen since the Cold War.