America: The Come Back Story


Steve Moore sheds light on the heart of the U.S. economy — and how Obama is destroying it.

John Bolton: ‘The Biggest Threat to National Security Is in the White House’


Amb. John Bolton discusses the threat within at the Freedom Center’s Texas Weekend.

The Obama Undoctrine


Foreign policy that stands for everything and nothing. And has accomplished nothing.

Obama: Hashtags for Ukraine, but Not Spare Tires


Biden said, “We will stand with you.”

The Perils of International Idealism


American foreign policy could use a dose of hard-nosed realism.

An Eyewitness to Ukraine’s Tragedy


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Putin’s Chess Moves on Ukraine

Vladimir Putin

What’s really motivating the Russian president’s latest “goodwill gestures”?

Life Under the Obama Doctrine


Why defying the White House is the only way to preserve the freedom of the Jewish people.

Putin’s Obama Game

obama putin romney

A Russian thugocrat outwits and humiliates a Radical-in-Chief over and over again.

Obama Angry Over Lack of Israeli Support on Ukraine


Washington has built up a great deal of anger over Jerusalem’s “neutrality”