Saudis Offer Russia OPEC Membership, Terror Immunity for Olympics

Russia's President Putin and Secretary General of Saudi Arabia's National Security Council Prince Bandar Bin Sultan meet in Moscow

The Saudis are taking America’s place on the world stage.

The UAE Brings in Russia to Support the Egyptian Government


Obama’s romance with the Muslim Brotherhood has now put the United States in a peculiar diplomatic position. The US is now aligned with Turkey, Qatar and Sudan against Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Both latter countries support terrorists, but they are not, currently, fans of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama’s base in the region comes down […]

A Passion for Truth: In Memoriam Jean Bethke Elshtain (1941-2013)


A titan who knew that refusal to act against evil inevitably leads to acquiescence and complicity with it.

Obama’s Legacy of Disaster


Leaving America worse off than he found it.

Fair Trade: Snowden for Wanted Chechen Terrorist


A ripe opportunity to send Ilyas Akhmadov to Russia to answer for his crimes.

“That Will Show Him”: Obama Cancels Summit with Putin


“There are times when they slip back into Cold War thinking and Cold War mentality,” Mr. Obama said. “What I continually say to them and to President Putin, that’s the past.”

How Russia Cashes in on UN Corruption


For much of the past decade, Russia has been engaged in a systematic effort to stymie attempts to root out corruption in U.N. spending.

Putin’s Eastern Promises


Russia’s president gives Snowden asylum — and reminds the world that America’s foes have nothing to fear.

Israel’s Renewed Warning to Rogue Regimes


Why Iran’s mullahs should be very afraid.

U.S. Foreign Policy Is Failing Worldwide


Enemies rejoice over a new era of U.S. disengagement from the world stage.