Reductio ad Hillaryum


Why Hillary evoked memories of Hitler, but not Stalin, on the Ukrainian crisis.

Will Leftists Admit They Were Wrong about Obama?

Barack Obama

The man who promised to improve America’s global image has made us more hated than ever.

For Putin, the Ukraine is About More Than Just Territory

Акция "Свобода" П.Павленского в Санкт-Петербурге

Putin isn’t just playing at empire, he’s also protecting his own back.

The Faculty Lounge Administration


Our enemies laugh. And they should.

The Hot Air Presidency


America has never been less well-respected worldwide.

It Takes a Rogue Nation to Stop a Rogue State


Cowboy diplomacy is the only defense against commissar diplomacy and caliphate diplomacy.

Are Critics of Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine ‘Warmongers’?

Concerns Grow In Ukraine Over Pro Russian Demonstrations In The Crimea Region

No one seriously believes that Putin is going to stop at his latest invasion point.

Obama Enters Putin’s World


Weakness is the new strength, progressive foreign policy experts say.

Obama’s Cold War Denial


The president’s dismissal of Russia’s threat comes back to haunt him.

Sacrificing the Military to Entitlements


The Achilles’ heel of democracy.