A New Moral Dilemma On Rwanda


The Obama administration withdraws support, just when the country needs it most.

The New York Times: America Sucks


Rwanda, Nazi Germany, America: what’s the difference?

Reopening Rwanda’s Wounds


The U.N.’s complicity in re-igniting the flames of genocide.

Bill Clinton Taunts Obama as a “Wuss” If He Doesn’t Ignore Congress, Go to War in Syria


Former U.S. president Bill Clinton admitted that if the U.S. had gone into Rwanda sooner following the start of the 1994 genocide, at least a third or roughly 300,000 lives could have been saved.

Obama Concedes Defeat on Susan Rice


When a full-blown investigation into Benghazi just isn’t worth it.

The Love Story of Romeo and Omar


One politician’s quest to bring a terrorist “home” to Canada.

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U.N. Me: New Documentary Not to Be Missed


A gripping exposé of the revered body’s corruption and uselessness.

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‘UN Me’ Provides a Valuable Service


A new documentary shows why it’s time to scrap the corrupt international body.

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The Last Best Hope


The world is a cruel place — and if America weakens, it will get crueler.

Ducking a Congo Odyssey


Is Ambassador Susan Rice abandoning Africa’s killing fields?