No Eboo, It Is About Fundamentalism

Writing for the Huffington Post Eboo Patel reports that “a few days back, small groups of college students atNorthwestern, Illinois and Wisconsin — angry that Comedy Central had been intimidated into censoring a South Park episode depicting the Prophet Muhammad – chalked their quads with stick figures and labeled these drawings ‘Prophet Muhammad’.” He continues:
One of the members [...]

Abdulmutallab’s Lack of Friends – by Jamie Glazov

The mainstream media has, with its typical slick expertise, succeeded in avoiding yet another crucial phenomenon that explains what caused the terror attempt on Flight 253.
It keeps mentioning, in passing, how Abdulmutallab was “lonely,” but it never honestly explores why he was lonely.
In his 300 postings under the name “farouk1986″ in an online forum, the [...]

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