Israel’s Sacrifices of Peace Must End


Peace cannot be achieved through human sacrifice.

Conservative Call to Arms


The world’s greatest bastion of freedom urgently needs its citizens to act.

Peace From the Bottom Up?


Palestinian hate won’t be solved by what Obama wants to impose from above.

Eighteen Years, Five Books, One Torah, and Dennis Prager


The talk radio host’s Torah studies help a Catholic deepen his faith

What to Tell Our Daughters

This morning I found my almost 10-year old daughter with a towel wrapped around her head so that it was draping down past her waist. She was pretending to be a bride. “This is what my veil will look like when I get married, Mom. Do you think it’s pretty?”
And then, this: “Mom? Why did [...]

From the Pen of David Horowitz: February 13, 2010

“For two centuries, the socialist idea – the future promise that justifies the present sacrifice – has functioned as a blank check for the violence and injustice associated with efforts to achieve it”
– The Politics of Bad Faith
This quote was submitted by Bruce.
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