Vice Chairman of Jordanian Parliament Endorses Al Qaeda Killing of Saddam Judge


Jordan is one of the most anti-American places in the Middle East.

A Miracle and an Outrage in Washington


Stolen Jewish archives will be headed to Iraq’s dungeons in a few short months.

Saddam’s Syrian WMDs


Ten years ago, James Clapper, now the Director of National Intelligence, said he was “unquestionably sure” that Saddam’s WMDs had been moved out of Iraq.

Obama on Syria vs. Obama on Iraq

Obama Syria

The hypocrisy of a president exposed.

Further Evidence that the Palestinians Are America’s Enemies


An ode to “hero” Saddam Hussein.

Why We Were In Iraq


And how the Democrats sabotaged America’s war.

Iraq, Ten Years Later


After a decade, removing Saddam Hussein’s terror regime was still the right thing to do.

A Liberal’s Anguish


Ten years after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, it was still the right thing to do.

Taxpayer Supported Palestinian Authority Rally Commemorates Saddam Hussein


Saddam Hussein hasn’t been sending money to the terrorists in a while. But Barack Hussein is sending them more money than Saddam ever did.

Will Saddam’s WMDs Fall into the Hands of Al Qaeda?


There would be a certain historical irony if Saddam’s WMDs were indeed finally found, but by Islamist terrorists into whose hands they fell after almost a decade of liberal political malfeasance culminating in their irresponsible support for the Sunni side in the Syrian Civil War.