Prince Charles Sided with Islam Over Salman Rushdie


Charlie’s view was also that of the lefty crowd that Rushdie had been part of.

Preaching ‘Islamophobia’ to the Choir at Saudi-Funded Georgetown


A jihad cheerleader explains why “colonialism” is the cause of Islamist slaughter in Somalia.

UK MP Who Called for Rushdie Book Ban, Trying to Ban Robert Spencer


” A ban should be enforced properly and physically stop people entering our borders.”

Mo Moviemaker Bounty Up to $200,000


Mufti Mohammad Yousuf Kasuri, chief of Jamiat Ahle Hadith Party, offered $105,000 “for the one who will hand exemplary punishment to the blasphemer”

Salman Rushdie and the Mohammed Movie


It was a useless gesture, rejected, then half accepted, then rejected again, both by British Muslims and by the Iranian leadership. The strong position would have been to refuse to negotiate with intolerance. He had taken the weak position and was therefore treated as a weakling.

Rushdie Reward Money Increasing Ahead of US Economy


It’s hard to know what to invest in these days. The stock market is turbulent and interest rates are low. But investors in killing Salman Rushdie would be making a killing because the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Khordad Foundation has kept the reward for killing Rushdie well ahead of inflation.

When Secularism Is Not Enough


Are we sure Islamic jihad can be resisted by reliance on Western secular values alone?

The Books that Change Us


How does a “progressive” college student end up working at the Freedom Center?

Exalting Khomeini’s Legacy


Iran’s leaders try to reignite the cultish reverence for a bloody despot.

The Educated Muslim Terrorist


Why so many jihadists are Westernized and come from the upper middle class.