San Francisco May Hand Out Free Crack Pipes


“It may seem counter intuitive, but it’s a great program.”

Father of Gay Marriage Guilty of Child Porn Will Keep San Fran City Pension

Stand by your man

It wasn’t that long ago, that San Francisco was declaring Larry Brinkin Week

Che Guevara SI!—Tea Party NO!


Singer-actress Maria Conchita Alonso commits the ultimate thought crime.

San Francisco May Legalize Storing Bicycles in Garages


Plastic bags however are still banned

San Francisco Sends Fireplace Log Burners to “Wood Smoke Awareness Class”


Are you aware of wood smoke?

Move to San Francisco, Get a Free Sex Change

It rubs the lotion on its skin... and then it moves to San Francisco

San Francisco health officials appear to have found the money to fund what they say is a much-needed service to residents living in the City by the Bay: Sex changes.

Iran As Victim? University of San Francisco’s Prof. Stephen Zunes Thinks So


Radical Left calls for “day of action” in support of Iran.

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Alice in Liberal Land


What if Alice could visit the world of leftist rhetoric and assumptions today?

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Ramallah: Decadent Café Society or Misogynist, Jihadic Stronghold?

When most people hear the word “Palestine” they immediately think “occupation” and  “oppression.” People imagine that Palestinians are the most impoverished people in the world, living in ramshackle refugee camps—not because their own leaders have stolen their money and forced them into endless war with Israel—but because Israel, is allegedly, a “colonialist,” “apartheid,” and “Nazi” [...]

Disasters and Double Standards


Where’s the media outrage over Obama’s mismanagement of the Gulf Coast crisis?