Ignoring an Al-Qaeda Sponsor


Why isn’t Eritrea labeled a State Sponsor of Terrorism?

How to Respond to EU Sanctions


Europe’s economic warfare against Israel must receive a serious answer.

Mideast Red Star Rising


How Obama’s surrender in the region spawned China’s merger with the Axis of Evil.

Is Iran Really a ‘Rational’ State Actor?


The West’s fundamental mistake in its interpretation of Iranian “self-interest.”

U.N. Finally Hits Back at North Korea


But little hope that the Communist prison state will change course.

October Surprise: Direct Talks with Iran?

Iranian President Ahmadinejad speaks during media conference on the sidelines of the 67th United Nations General Assembly in New York

Is the Obama administration trying to change the subject from Libya?

The U.S.’s Iran Delusion


Sanctions have only seen the acceleration of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

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Assad’s Russian Lifeline


How Moscow is helping the Syrian dictatorship stave off collapse.

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Why Israel Could Strike Iran Before November


How negotiations with the Islamic Republic have made the situation more dire.

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Iran Amps Up Its Genocidal Rhetoric


Islamic Republic calls for annihilating the great “plight” on humanity, the Jewish State.

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