Watering Down the New Iran Sanctions Bill


Obama and Democrats protect the interests of banking lobbyists.

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Iran Announces New Nuclear Milestone


Israel weighs taking action.

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The Last Chance to Stop Iran’s Nuclear Quest?


Expect strikes against Arab countries and even the West as the regime grapples with sanctions.

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Freedom Center Ad in the New York Times Slams BDS


David Horowitz’s ad condemning anti-Israel movement receives international attention.

‘Last Hope’ for Peace Fading in Syria


Sanctions on the horizon?

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Shutting Off Iran’s Finances


The EU puts a lockdown on the Mullahs’ economic transactions — but it will only buy time.

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Iran’s Nuclear Announcement


Is the Islamic Republic only a few short months away from bomb-grade uranium?

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Iran and Obama’s Delaying Game


Treating the Islamic Republic like a Chicago neighborhood waiting to be engaged is a recipe for disaster.

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‘Unprecedented’ EU Sanctions on Iran a Farce


The international community gives the Islamic Republic more time and cover in its march toward the bomb.

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The Venezuelan Missile Crisis


Iran’s carefully crafted alliance may prove useful sooner than later.

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