Greece and the Last Gasp of European Fiscal Sanity


Beleaguered country on its way out of the euro-zone?

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The Austerity Illusion


Francois Hollande promises to end cuts that never started.

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Why Jews Need Israel


Israel is world Jewry’s default position.

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Back with a Vengeance: the EU Debt Crisis


Fears raised that a repeat of 2008 — or worse — is on the horizon.

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Germany, Wavering Ally


A crucial European ally drifts away from America — and towards Russia and Iran.

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Reports of Coming Military Action in Syria


Iran and Assad will not take this lying down.

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Beating Up on the French Never Gets Old

I’m one of those crappy friends that will make fun of you for your mistakes until there is simply no material left, no matter how far long ago, no matter how much you’ve changed. And it is in this way that I’m a proud American.
Despite this positive turnaround from Chirac to Sarkozy, it just feels [...]

Is The French President A Racist For Mocking Obama’s Naivety?

Kudos to French President Nicolas Sarkozy for trying to ground the Obama-led United Nations Security Council disarmament session last Thursday in some foundation of reality.   I expect Jimmy Carter and his like-minded leftists to play the race card any day now against Sarkozy for daring to criticize our President, much less for daring to mock the naive approach of [...]