Muslims Fear Backlash From People They Keep Killing

coexist christians mulims jews

The real story is not the Jews, Atheists and Christians in France who fear being killed by Muslims

Obama Challenges Caliph of ISIS to Golf Game

Obama plays golf

“Every time conservatives ridiculed him, he was actually training for the day when he will personally defeat ISIL.”

My Fellow Americans, I am a Liar



Satanists and Democrats Compromise on Oklahoma City Statue

obama devil2

Satanists and Democrats have finally found common ground

Introducing the Envia Discord 2015


Like the progressive movement, the Discord has no brakes.

Kerry Spokeswoman Protests Israeli Claim that he is a “Lapdog of the Arabs”


“John Kerry is just naturally attracted to lying down in the laps of terrorists.”

Why We Must Ban High Capacity Media Magazines


No one, except Charles Osgood and CBS, really wants to get rid of the Bill of Rights, but at the same time it’s important to put the Bill of Rights into context. The United States Constitution written by homophobes who were against little boys being able to play with gender-neutral EZ Bake ovens.

Congressional Black Caucus Discovers Entire English Language is a Racist Code Word


Congressman Jim Clyburn went even further. “The entire English language was created by slaveowners as a means of oppression. You can’t just say that one word is a racist code word or another. The whole language, every single word, letter and apostrophe in it is racist. It’s a fact. If you speak English, you’re a racist.”