Zimmerman, Alinsky and Obama


The political usefulness of racial discord in America.

Obama’s Scandals and Saul Alinsky


Will the ghost of the godfather of community organizing help the president escape without a scratch?

Soros Election-Rigging Scheme Collapses


The Secretary of State Project’s death is a victory for conservatives.

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Exposing the Alinsky Party


Gingrich’s strategy of turning the Democratic Party’s embrace of radical Saul Alinsky into a liability for the Left.

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James Rosen’s Strange Exoneration of Saul Alinsky


A Fox News online contributor tries to whitewash a radical’s destructive influence on an American president.

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Union Gangsters: Saul Alinsky


How an honorary mobster influenced the modern labor movement.

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Union Gangsters: Andy Stern


Ringleader of the purple-shirted people beaters.

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Barack Obama’s Arrogant Marxist Rhetoric

Barack Obama

The true heart of Obama’s speech wasn’t the faulty budgetary analysis or the demagoguery of attacking Paul Ryan personally.

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The Obama Administration Buckles Under Islamic Pressure To Condemn Israel

The Obama administration continues to push Israel under the bus.
Last week, it agreed to language in the final outcome document of the United Nations’ Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference that mentions only Israel – not Iran - in the context of demanding a nuclear-free Middle East.  And at the UN Security Council this past weekend, the Obama [...]