Colorado School Shooter was a Socialist, Hated Republicans


“He had very strong beliefs about gun laws and stuff,” said junior Abbey Skoda

Stephen King’s Hypocrisy on Gun Control


If anyone should keep his mouth shut about school shootings, it’s Stephen King who is to school shootings what J.D. Salinger is to shooting famous people.

Obama Failed to Support Illinois Bill Charging School Shooters as Adults


So why did Obama vote “Present” on this bill? Possibly because in Chicago such a bill would have mostly impacted minority gang members and might have even cost him his seat due to the strong gang influence on local politics.

We Have Air Marshalls on Planes, Should We Have School Marshals on Campuses?


Currently teachers can receive higher compensation for taking a variety of courses. Adding a police supervised course on firearms tactics during an attack would be entirely doable. And if we can have school districts where a third of the teachers have masters’ degrees, having a district where even a tenth of the teachers carry firearms and have been trained how to respond to an attack seems entirely practical and reasonable.