Are Guns the Problem?

Scotus Guns

The one undeniable reality that spawns the youth culture of violence.

The Left’s Renewed Assault on the NRA


Anti-Second Amendment zealots vow to “exploit” and “politicize” the Newtown massacre.

Gun Control is Evil Misspelled


The individual is not the problem.

Obama Pushing Federal Control of Public Schools


How the president and his radical cohorts are coercing states to cede authority to Washington.

Student Wins Tracking ID Case


But what is the future of student tracking devices?

Something’s Rotten in Denmark Schools


A model teacher risks losing her job for speaking the truth about Muslim students.

When Romney Met Kenny: Mitt’s Islamist Gamble


A word of caution on the presidential candidate’s dangerous endorsement.

Purdue College Republicans Stand Up For Israel


The Freedom Center’s Wall of Lies is made accessible to campus students.

Anti-Bullying Laws Could Lead to Anti-Free Speech Policy

Lawmakers in the Bay State are roundly congratulating themselves for addressing what they see as a growing problem in Massachusetts: high school bullying. In general, the Massachusetts anti-bullying statute prohibits the repeated bullying of a student by another student or group of students on school property or at any school sponsored activity.  Massachusetts lawmakers included [...]

Treason of the Academics


Degenerate Israeli professors on the rampage.