Islamic Infiltration in American Schools — on The Glazov Gang


Even our children aren’t exempt from stealth Jihad.

Preaching Allah in Our Schools — on The Glazov Gang


A troubling look at the Islamic brainwashing occurring in American schools.

The Cause of Black Violence in Ferguson Schools


The Left points the finger at white teachers.

An Islamic Trojan Horse Inside of Britain


The Islamization of a nation intensifies.

Islamizing Britain’s Schools

Panorama - British Schools, Islamic Rules.WnA.avi_000083800

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The Left Versus Minorities

bill de blasio

How progressives are destroying the only schools that give underprivileged kids a chance.

ObamaCare Causes Substitute Teacher Shortage


ObamaCare: It’s making life worse everywhere.

The State of the Dis-Union: Preparing World Citizens


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Arne Duncan’s War on Women and Children


“White suburban moms” fight back.

Anti-Bullying Programs Don’t Work, Teach Bullies to Bully Better


Anti-bullying programs may actually teach students different bullying techniques