Gingrich Jumps into the Race


The former speaker of the House indicates the possibility of a new “Contract With America.”

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Helen Thomas Gets Back under Her Bridge

The Potomac Troll Heads Back to the Bridge

The White House Press Corps front row seat is finally vacated.  89-year-old Potomac River Troll Helen Thomas has retired to her bridge from whence she came after decades of hissing at White House press secretaries and one last hurrah, snarling anti-Semitic remarks toward Israel, insisting Jews do [...]

NewsHounds: Hannity’s a Racist Because We Say So

The other night, Sean Hannity ran a segment about Hispanic radicalism in Arizona public schools.  As if on cue, the petty, factually-challenged Fox haters of NewsHounds fired back with a nasty screed that, once again, proves little more than their own moral and intellectual bankruptcy.  It begins as follows:
As the champion of white America feeling [...]

Mark LeVine Exposed


Denying the connections between the Muslim Brotherhood and MSA doesn’t make them go away.

Mark LeVine and the MSA Revealed

From Gary Fouse:
Last night on Fox’s Sean Hannity Show, David Horowitz and UC-Irvine Professer Mark LeVine were interviewed in regards to Horowitz’s appearance this week at UC San Diego, in which a member of the Muslim Student Association made a controversial remark in answer to Horowitz’s question. This led to an angry exchange between LeVine [...]

Do Republicans Get the Stakes, or Have the Guts to Fight?

Last night, Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich sat down to discuss the former House Speaker’s new book, To Save America: Stopping Obama’s Secular-Socialist Regime.  For the most part, the conversation consisted of pretty standard fare for conservative commentary: the Left’s ideas have failed, Barack Obama poses a dire threat to the nation, and so on.  [...]

NRB’s Complete Coverage of the Campus Campaign for a Second Holocaust

May 11: “For It”: MSA Student Confesses She Wants a Second Holocaust
This post features the original video and transcript of Jumanah Imad Albahri. It’s one of the most-viewed posts in NRB’s history.
May 13: Willful Blindness: Naive Catholic Graduate Student Defends Nazi Girl
This post highlights a comment made by one of Albahri’s teachers [...]

The Ben Shapiro Show is Top Notch!

I’m not a talk radio conservative in any shape or form. It’s not that I don’t recognize the talent and important of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck. Rather, it’s just not my style.
Even when I was a leftist I couldn’t get into Air America when it debuted. There’s something about the medium that [...]

Worst Superintendent in America? Basketball Trip Canceled over AZ Immigration Law

And the hits just keep coming from partisan educators.  Last night, Sean Hannity spoke with two students & basketball players from Highland Park High School in Chicago, the school which canceled the basketball team’s highly anticipated trip to Arizona (the team made it to conference championships for the first time in 26 years) in protest [...]

California Screamin’: Another Educator Is Offended by the Stars & Stripes

These days, America’s cultural elites can be counted on to go to the ends of the earth to ensure that nobody is ever offended.
Nobody, that is, except patriotic Americans.
First came the sorry tale of the California school which decided American flag t-shirts had to be banned on Cinco de Mayo, and last night, Sean Hannity [...]