Kerry Interfered in Israeli Elections to Help Left


The only time that Kerry can help Israel is when he’s trying to hurt it

Kerry Says Only Muslims, Not Jews, May Pray at Jewish Holy Site


Remember when the United States used to uphold religious freedom?

Did Obama Make a Deal w/Assad to Avoid Bombing ISIS Oil Fields?


The United States should not be making deals that keep money flowing to terrorists.

Israeli Ministers Blast Kerry for Blaming ISIS on Jewish State


“We don’t justify terror; we fight terror.”

Kerry Tells Muslims that ISIS is the Fault of the Jews


Since ISIS is un-Islamic, it must be Jewish.

Kerry Now Just Letting Saudi Arabia Write his Islam Apologetics For Him


Nobody appointed Kerry to decide which Islamic group represents real Islam.

White House: US at War w/ISIS, Kerry: Nope


The foreign policy of Obama Inc. is a completely dysfunctional mess.

Kerry to NATO: Obama Strategy Becoming Clearer Day by Day


Kerry also called ISIS “not as organized as everybody thinks.”

Kerry: God Commands Me to Protect Muslim Countries from Global Warming (VIDEO)


According to John Kerry, the Bible wants him to protect Muslim theocracies

Kerry: Real Face of Islam is Health Care Not Beheadings


“The real face of Islam is a peaceful religion based on the dignity of all human beings.”