Kerry Tells Hungry Africans Not to Build Farms Because of Global Warming


The Greens want to see children dying in Africa.

John Kerry Intimidates Putin by Riding Pink Bicycle Around Nantucket

Photo credit: landogramms

Putin may have stolen Crimea. But John Kerry stole a little girl’s bike.

Kerry: Worthless Ceasefires Hamas Keeps Breaking Will Lead to Real Ceasefire


If we keep doing the same stupid thing that doesn’t work some more, it’ll work!

The Kerry Ceasefire Rewards Hamas for its Aggression


Rewarding violence only perpetuates it

Kerry Was Against Qatar Funding Hamas, Before He Was For It


Qatar became infamous for smuggling weapons to Jihadists in Libya and Syria

Kerry Puts Hamas’ Demands First, Israel’s Security Last


This is the paper that Kerry denied existed.

“How’s Your Day?”: Kerry to Mother of American Killed Fighting Hamas


It’s not just a walking embarrassment. It’s also the Secretary of State.

John Kerry Caught on Mic Bashing Israel’s Anti-Hamas Op in Gaza


He wasn’t a big fan of the US campaign against the Viet Cong either.

Neither Egypt nor Israel Want Kerry to Come


Nobody seems to need or want Kerry to show up

Kerry Looking for Gay Ambassadors to Give Obama Money


Secretary of State John Kerry will tackle Al Qaeda appointing gay ambassadors to Asian countries.