Israel: Why Land Matters, Part I


The fatal flaw of the peace process.

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Airport Insecurity


The TSA finds itself in a staggering bureaucratic mess.

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Border Insecurity: The War in Texas


The fight against narco-terrorism has become a real war.

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NYPD Under Fire for Investigating Muslim Students Association


Police attacked for doing their job.

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A Blow to Freedom in Norway


The government slashes funding for one of the most cost-efficient — and freedom-promoting — items on its annual budget.

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Syrian Military Splitting


Increasing number of soldiers turning on Bashar Assad.

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Gates’ Gutsy Farewell


The Defense Secretary departs the world stage with blunt warnings.

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The Religious Left’s Warped ‘Just Peace’


Is allowing people to suffer under tyranny and brutality part of the Christian ideal?

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The Amnesty Bandwagon Rides Again


Could we see illegal alien amnesty by executive fiat?

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The New Egypt: A Gateway for Terror?

Gamaa Islamiya

What happens if the new rulers unseal the border to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip?

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