Union-Backed Occupiers on the March


Big Labor supports “National Day of Action” to foment OWS violence.

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Obama’s Half-Billion-Dollar Crony Drug Deal


Move over, Solyndra.

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Union Gangsters: John Sweeney


The man who made the union gangster way a science.

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Union Gangsters: Andy Stern


Ringleader of the purple-shirted people beaters.

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ACORN: Puppet Master of Occupy Wall Street


The shadowy radical syndicate takes its agenda of destruction to the streets.

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Christopher Hayes Becomes a Cheerleader for SEIU Thuggery

Christopher Hayes, Washington editor for the far-left Nation magazine, offers a ringing endorsement of the thug tactics used by the Service Employees International Union and National People’s Action against Bank of America executive Gregory Baer.
You’ll recall that on his TV show Glenn Beck did a segment on the hundreds of angry, loud, purple-shirted SEIU members and [...]

Radical Leftists Plan To Shut Down K Street Monday

The left-wing militants of SEIU and the National People’s Action group plan to shut down K Street, the heart of the lobbying industry in the nation’s capital, at a massive in-your-face rally and march planned for Monday.
The goal of the “action” –in organizing parlance— is a show of force calculated to intimidate bank lobbyists and [...]

The Beholden State


How public-sector unions broke California.

Twitter Today: ‘Fair Pay’ Tough to Swallow Unless You Are Andy Stern

Under the best of circumstances it’s not easy to swallow the “guidance” from the leadership at the SEIU.  This is not the best of  circumstances.
Now the thugs, goons and sledgehammer swingers who provide the muscle for Service Employees International Union head Andy Stern have proven themselves even more tone deaf  than usual.
I was thinking earlier [...]

Andy Stern and Barack Obama: Fiscal Responsibility Fraudsters


Passing the buck while pretending it stopped at your desk.