Socialist Bernie Sanders’ Beet Sugar Money


What does the sugar beet group want? Sugar subsidies.

Amnesty Bill Now Incorporates Obama’s American Jobs Act


How much of a bill of goods are Republicans bring sold? They’re being bought off with the promise of security in a massive amendment that includes material from the Senate’s only official Socialist.

The SlaughterHouse Progressives

Glenn Beck has long been warning us about the Progressive agenda. It is  to enact what the elitist Progressives think is good for America at the expense of the Constitution.  The latest ploy is to push through Obamacare by enacting an internal House rule deeming the Senate bill passed, rather than actually passing the bill itself [...]

Praying for Socialized Medicine


As Obamacare implodes, the religious Left has a meltdown.

Kill Bill, Vol. 2: Meltdown with Keith Olbermann, Part 22

Editor’s Note: Click here for Kill Bill, Vol. 1
In his “Kill the bill” special comment Wednesday night, Keith Olbermann followed Howard Dean, socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, and the increasing chorus on the Left to kill the current health care “reform” package as insufficiently socialistic.
Olbermann’s primary reason was that it did not immediately and forever “destroy” [...]

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