Senator Chuck Hagel

Hagel Served as Keynote Speaker at Fundraiser for Iran Lobby

Hagel has long-standing ties with the pro-Tehran lobby in the United States. Since 2002, he has appeared as a keynote speaker at fund-raisers and conferences for the American-Iranian Council, a group whose founder, Housang Amirahmadi, has boasted that he is “the Iranian lobby in the United States.”

Chuck Hagel's Muslim Genocide Denial

“What Chuck Hagel said in his press conference in Armenia in 2005 regarding the genocide of Armenians by Turks is shameful,” said Walter Reich, a former director of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Chuck Hagel: "Terrorists Cannot be Defeated on the Battlefield"

In 2005, a year earlier, Hagel was even more explicit saying that Gaza could not "remain a prison to its own citizens" and encouraging a "grand bargain with Iran's people." Three years earlier, Hagel had called for "a regional security plan for the Persian Gulf by working with the United Nations, the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Iran, and Iraq."

Chuck Hagel's Saudi Connection

In the spring of 2010, Chuck Hagel was nominated to serve on the Board of Directors of Chevron. There is no American oil company with more intimate connections than Chevron, which created ARAMCO before the Saudis took it over. But the Saudis didn't just take over ARAMCO, they control Chevron indirectly through oil.

Does Anyone Actually Want Hagel for Secretary of Defense?

In a Senate where McCain and Kerry can get along swimmingly despite their dramatic differences on Vietnam, where Lieberman can bridge both sides of the aisle, and where there is a good deal of collegiality, no one has much fondness for Hagel. Kerry, for all his faults, is expected to be easily confirmed. Hagel, on the other hand, is despised. Both men have similar politics, but different personalities. Where most Senators have made friends, Hagel seems to have left behind only enemies.

Obama Inc. Spokesman Refuses to Condemn Anti-Semitic "Jewish Lobby" Smear

Chuck Hagel would not be the first, second, or third choice for the American Jewish community’s friends of Israel. His record relating to Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship is, at best, disturbing, and at worst, very troubling. The sentiments he’s expressed about the Jewish lobby border on anti-Semitism in the genre of professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt and former president Jimmy Carter.