Tufts Prof Thomas Abowd: Jews Colonial Usurpers in Jerusalem


A professor of hate slanders the Jewish State.

Rejecting U.S. Support for Palestinian ‘Ethnic Purification’


Benjamin Netanyahu’s bold rebuke of Obama’s push for segregation in Jerusalem.

An Illegal Arab Settlement in the West Bank?


Where is the international outrage?

The ‘Central Park Five’: Still Guilty


The facts versus the lies about the Central Park Jogger Case.

ACORN Wannabes May Get $4 Billion


Happy days are here again for leftist pressure groups.

Israel to Palestinians: Sorry, We’ll Keep Building


Instead of preparing the Jew-free state.

Blood Libels from Israel-Hating Students in Florida


University helps Students for Justice in Palestine harass dorm residents.

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The Misguided Tenure of Susan Rice


Making sure America always comes last at the UN.

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Bottom-up Peace?


Are grassroots peace measures outpacing the work of the political class in the West Bank?

Charles Krauthammer: The Age of Obama: Anno Domini 2 – Heritage Foundation Lecture

In the real world, as opposed to what French President Nicolas Sarkozy calls President Barack Obama’s “virtual world,” America faces the reality of Iran’s intransigence and aggressiveness; China’s headlong pursuit of its own national, regional, and global interests; Russia’s determination to regain its Near Abroad; the Arab states’ refusal to accept any kind of a […]