No Time to Spare: Talking about Israel’s Legal Grounds


Time for Israel to assert its rights.

Apartheid Guardian Says Only Jews Can be “Settlers”

They're evangelical Christians... in the West Bank. Which means they can't be settlers.

The Guardian is advocating Apartheid.

Restoring Israel’s Rights: The Levy Report


A new campaign kicks off to promote the Jewish State’s legal claim to Judea and Samaria.

Boycotting the Untermenschen


The EU’s ominous warning to Israel.

Jewish Civil Rights and Privatization


Time to privatize Judea and Samaria settlement building.

Israel Boycotts UN ‘Human Rights Council’

Disarmament Conference at the European headquarters of the United Nations

And the Obama administration is not pleased.

Bye-Bye London


The future disappears for Jews in England.

The United Nations’ Year-End Message to Israel


Hint: It’s not condolences to the families of the victims of Palestinian terror.

If You Build It, They Won’t Come


How to make Israel’s field of dreams real.

The Deadly Israeli House


The fearsome weapon of terror: an Israeli family moving into a new apartment outside of Jerusalem.