All the President’s Women


Why almost all the Obama scandals have female faces behind them.

How Multiculturalism Transformed My College

Students on Campus 6

A case study in the destruction of American higher education.

Muslim Medical Students Refusing to Learn How to Treat Female Patients


Muslim gender apartheid has a number of troubling implications, but one of them is the denial of medical services to women. The more Muslim doctors we graduate, the more we will run into this problem.

Sexism and Nazism: Democratic State Chairmen Lose Control


They say that air traffic controllers have a statistically high rate of mental breakdowns due to their extremely stressful profession. Right now it looks as if DNC State Chairmen are at an even higher risk of mental breakdowns.

Slate Accuses Ann Romney of Sexism


Democrats were stunned by Ann Romney’s speech and as they gather their resources, they have to find a way to attack her. Allen West was accused of racism and now Ann Romney is being accused of sexism

The Threat of Sharia and the Leadership of America’s Two Parties


Do we have the will to protect American citizens from the application of foreign laws?

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The War on Conservative Women


“Slut” is one of the nicer slurs leftists have used against women of the Right over the years.

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