Islamic Sharia Law Orders Woman to Treat Husband as Son


She remained silent because he used to threaten to kill her.

Sharia Law in Philly Leads Imam to Try and Chop Off Thief’s Hand w/Machete

Philadelphia Police Department photo of Merv Mitchell, also known as Mabul Shoatz

Two mosque officials placed his hand on a log whacking it at the wrist with a machete.

Islamist-Interfaith Alliance Battles Foreign Law Bans


Muslim Brotherhood front groups and their allies launch an assault on U.S. law integrity.

A Florida Megachurch Pastor’s Islamist Associations


Influential church leader joins with Muslim Brotherhood front groups to oppose ban on foreign law.

Saving the Neighborhood


Why the expansion of Islamic no-go zones must be stopped.

If Muslims Can’t Eat Pork, No One Can Eat Pork


BooHoo clothing , a UK online retailer of trashy outfits, has declared their workplace a Halal environment where no one is allowed to eat pork.

Muslims Banning Wine, Pork and Women’s Clothing in France


Yesterday , in the market of Chemin Bas d’Avignon in Nîmes, moslems threatened wine sellers, a butcher who sells pork and a pork butcher, as well as vendors who sell ‘light clothing’, and banned them from coming back on pain of death.

Future President of France Warns of Rise of Sharia Law


“There are some neighbourhoods where a mother or father will come home from work in the evening to learn their son has had his pain au chocolate snatched out of his hand by thugs, telling him it is forbidden to eat during Ramadan,”

The Threat of Sharia and the Leadership of America’s Two Parties


Do we have the will to protect American citizens from the application of foreign laws?

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Corruption: The Modern-Day Plague of Egypt


The Muslim Brotherhood campaigns for Sharia law as the answer.

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