Islamic Jizya: Fact and Fiction


An ugly Islamic institution returns even as Western academics continue to whitewash it.

Doonesbury for Sharia

Garry Trudeau

Hard-Left cartoonist Garry Trudeau assures us he would “never draw the prophet.”

Islam: Banned for Blasphemy?


Why the first victim of “blasphemy laws” would be Islam itself.

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Why it’s a big mistake.

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How and why the West needs to spearhead the effort to undercut the Sharia narrative.

The Genocidal Nature of Jew-Hatred at UC Davis


An elected student leader boasts about the takeover of Hamas and Sharia on his campus.

Islam: A House of Cards? — on The Glazov Gang


Why do Islam’s guardians behave as if even a tiny bit of criticism will bring the whole structure down?

Andrew Klavan: Attack of the But-Heads!


A Truth Revolt video.

Islamists Seek to Restrict Free Speech Following Jihadist Assault


Sharia censorship by other non-violent means is still censorship.

No No-Go Zones? Really?


Fox apologized for saying so, but there is a problem with Muslim areas in Britain and France.