Pro-Islam Western Scholars and the ‘Real’ Islam


Responding to the self-anointed representatives of the Religion of Peace.

The Eclipse of the British Empire


Just how dark is the horizon for a once great nation?

Afghanistan: Obama Surrenders

Barack Obama and Hamid Karzai

Negotiating with the Taliban is like negotiating with Hitler.

Islam’s ‘Rule of Numbers’ Explains London Beheading


The more Muslims, the more Islamic behavior—including brazen slaughter of infidels.

A Memorial Day for Islamic Terror


The best way to remember the dead is to tell the truth about their killers.

A Jihadist in the Pulpit


How dhimmi Christians in Denmark commemorate Pentecost.

Catholic Cardinal Calls for End to Blasphemy Laws


A bold statement against increasing Islamic oppression in both the Middle East and the West.

The Talibanization of Gaza


The horrifying human rights abuses taking place in the Palestinian terror-statelet.

A Pastor’s Fate Inside the Mullahs’ Archipelago


The vicious torture continues of Saeed Abedini for his crime of refusing to renounce Jesus Christ.

Former Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad: A Moderate?


Good riddance to another general in the war to wipe the Jewish State off the map.