Hypocritical UN Committee Maligns the Catholic Church


Where is the U.N. report on the human rights abuses codified by Sharia law?

Jihad Migrating to Red States — With Obama’s Blessing


The president eases immigration requirements for those linked to terror.

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A response to Nonie Darwish.

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Time to face the facts about Islamic ideology.

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Egyptian Copts are the largest community of Christians left in the Middle East

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The Aftermath of Jihad: Invisible Women

Muslim Girls Niqab Picture Image Wallpapers (6)

Where Islam takes root, gender apartheid follows.

Five Signs of Hope (Maybe) for Europe


Some good news for the new year.

The Muslim Who Amputated His Hands, ‘According to Sharia’


Ali Afifi wishes that authorities would implement Sharia as he applied it to himself.

Sharia’s War on Music


Watch out for a “Sharia Controlled Zone” near you.