Why Do They Slaughter Their Victims?


Examining an everyday-as-usual thing in traditional Islamic societies.

WE’RE putting Sheep’s Clothing on Jihadist Wolves


We say “Islam means peace,” they say “Death to America.”

Shepherds and Sheep


Being led to the slaughter by the intellectual elite.

Islamic “Family Honor” – Selling Daughters into Sex-Slavery for Sheep


If this savagery is “un-Islamic,” where are the vociferous condemnations from Muslim muftis, clerics and imams worldwide?

NewsReal Sunday: Elton John Believes Jesus Was Gay – A Southern Baptist Response

Elton John calls Jesus gay – but then says some true stuff about the Savior of the world.

Lunch Break – Board Game Recommendation

On Friday night some of our dearest friends came over for a visit. One of them, Phil, brought a board game that he insisted we try. It’s called “Settlers of Catan” and is pictured above.
The objective of the game is to be the first to get 10 points. One earns points by building settlements, cities, [...]

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