A Cautious Middle East Forecast for 2014

Militia fighters in Aleppo Syria

A year of intensified Sunni-Shia bloodshed.

The Genocidal Axis


The rise of the Sunni-Shia alliance of death.

Now the Twelfth Imam Can Come


Iran takes a decisive step toward apocalyptic nuclear catastrophe – courtesy of Barack Obama.

Obama’s Ongoing Betrayal of America’s Sacrifices in Iraq

Baghdad car bomb

Iraq heads toward civil war and al-Qaeda surges.

Sunni-Shi’ite Jihad in Iraq


And valuable lessons for Syria.

Shias: The Arab Spring’s Latest Victims


The blood-stained price of a Sunni supremacist takeover.

Iran Reports Saudi King’s Death: A Green Light for War?


Fanatical regime views Abdullah’s demise as a signal to take Jerusalem and initiate Armageddon.

The New Egyptian-Iranian Axis?


A dangerous prospect for the West.

Morsi Visits the Mullahs


The first visit to the Islamic Republic by an Egyptian president since 1979.

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The Many Conflicts of Syria


The U.S. administration has a coherent policy for none of them.

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