Morsi Visits the Mullahs


The first visit to the Islamic Republic by an Egyptian president since 1979.

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The Many Conflicts of Syria


The U.S. administration has a coherent policy for none of them.

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The Growing Iran-Turkey Rivalry


The vacuum left by America’s withdrawal from Iraq brings out an old power struggle.

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Wave of Attacks Hasten Fracture of Iraq


Violence ahead of key summit indicates slow spiral back into the abyss of sectarian violence.

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Al-Qaeda Throws Lot in with Syrian Rebels


Conflict pits the Assad regime, Iran and Hezbollah against the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and Arab states.

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The Changing Face of Al Qaeda


In a new era of terrorism, divided enemies merge.

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Cracks in the Islamist Bloc


Iran & Syria vs. the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Iraq Teeters


While Obama’s retreat is completed.

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A New Phase in Afghanistan?


Surprising sectarian violence rocks the country — did Pakistan play a role?

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