Will Hillary Clinton Banish Anti-Israel Sidney Blumenthal?


“It has to be painful for any Jew to see your own kid going around insisting that Israel be destroyed and its Jewish population kicked out.”

Sidney Blumenthal’s Idiot Racist Son Survives Trip Through Israeli Airport


Israeli security has fantastically little interest in Max Blumenthal’s sperm.

What Did the Sid Blumenthal Hillary Clinton Hack Expose About the Benghazi Narrative?


Unlike the Bush hack, which turned up some paintings, the Blumenthal hack has turned up emails between Clinton crony Sid Blumenthal and Hillary Clinton, some involving Benghazi and the situation in the Middle East.

Obama’s Thugs Take Eric Massa Out To The Woodshed

Did former Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) whose resignation came swiftly after he was accused of –well, actually, I’m not even really sure what he was accused of– do anything wrong?
Time will tell but right now it appears the greatest sin the newly ousted congressman committed was daring to disagree with ObamaCare.
And for this grievous offense against [...]

CPAC 2010 – Final Day

The final day of CPAC 2010 (Saturday 2-20) did not disappoint.  An array of conservative heavy-hitters, panel discussions and film offerings kept things interesting and conference attendees engaged.  The exchange of ideas and the inherently intellectual exercise that is conservatism was fully in evidence.
Things got off to a rousing start with a short but passionate [...]