First US Single Payer State Health System Would Require Doubling Taxes

No, no it can't

“The question is, ‘What is the best tax?’” Isn’t the Only ObamaCare Website, Michelle Obama’s Pal’s Company Screwed Up


“The website is working better today than it was yesterday,” Governor Shumlin said

Tyranny of the Healthy


How ObamaCare will sacrifice the elderly and chronically ill.

Remembering the Dream of America


What I said to the Republican Members of Congress.

Emperor Obama’s Health Bill Has No Clothes – by Dick Morris


ObamaCare has been stripped of its most pernicious features.

Lieberman and Nelson Doubt Medicare Compromise –

WASHINGTON — Two key senators on Sunday raised concerns over one aspect of a proposed compromise on the health-care bill, putting up a hurdle to passage of the measure in the Senate.The proposal to open Medicare to individuals below the age of 65 was a crucial part of a compromise reached last week among senior […]