The Racist, Discriminating Democratic Party


The real enemy of minorities unveiled.

Muslim Cleric Urges Homeless Women to Become Sex-Slaves


In the name of “altruism.”

Saudi Arabia: The Middle East’s Real Apartheid State


A country whose black population is deprived of civil rights. Where are the boycotts?

240 Years After UK Abolished Slavery, Anti-Slavery Teams are Set Up in Airports


Hall’s Egyptian parents sold her into slavery when she was 8 for $30 a month

Union Claims “Right-to-Work” Violates Laws Against Slavery


If “Right to Work” is slavery then so is any form of compulsory unionization.

Christian Girl Raped, Beaten and Sold into Slavery


And the world continues to turn a blind eye.

The Environmental Apocalypse

An Indian ragpicker searches for re-cycl

The movement to destroy human civilization as we know it.

Lincoln Unbound

Lincoln Unbound June 21

Rich Lowry’s new book illuminates what a great president of the past has to offer the present.

Video: Islamic Slavery in Sudan Alive and Well


Where is the Left’s moral indignation about the Islamic-Arab racism against, and enslavement of, African blacks?

Emory President Ignites Furor over Slavery Reference


Where the campus witch-hunters get it wrong.