Fair Trade: Snowden for Wanted Chechen Terrorist


A ripe opportunity to send Ilyas Akhmadov to Russia to answer for his crimes.

Putin’s Eastern Promises


Russia’s president gives Snowden asylum — and reminds the world that America’s foes have nothing to fear.

Obama — Bootlicks Putin, Bullies Jews

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

Obama tells Israel that he’s “got your back,” but he doesn’t even have America’s.

U.S. Foreign Policy Is Failing Worldwide


Enemies rejoice over a new era of U.S. disengagement from the world stage.

The Russia-China Snowden Gambit


Why an American traitor’s great escape from Hong Kong was no accident.

Obama’s Disasters in the Middle East — on The Glazov Gang


The White House gives $1.3 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt — while Syrian jihadists await U.S. arms.

Was the NSA Leak a Chinese Espionage Op?


“It almost seems to me that this was a pointed affront to the United States on the day the president is meeting the Chinese leader telling us, listen, quit complaining about espionage and getting on the internet and our hacking.”