The War on Poverty — $21 Trillion Later


The big fat leftist failure. Now where is the mea culpa?

Oliver Stone Does Venezuela


The PR king of government oppression.

Venezuelans Bleed Under Socialist Oppression

A student takes part in a protest against Nicolas Maduro's government in Caracas, Venezuela.

While the Hollywood elite cheer on the government.

A Socialism Spill on Aisle 9


The minimum wage hike mess and the poor workers who will have to live with it.

Showdown in Caracas


Democracy supporters fight back against Chavez’s legacy of tyranny.

An 1887 Science Fiction Novel Predicted DeBlasio and Bloomberg’s New York


The Officer of Hygiene prescribes the kind of food he thinks you require

The Inequality of Government Access


Why Big Government’s war on “inequality” is a dead end.

Food Rationing in Socialist Venezuela Leads to Mob Fighting Over Milk


It took nearly two hours to get to the check-out counter

Toilet Paper Defeats Venezuelan Socialism


“Soon we’ll be using newspaper, just like they do in Cuba!” said an elderly man

Can a Beauty Queen’s Murder Bring Down Socialism?


How the murder of a former Miss Venezuela is threatening the post-Chavez regime.