Wistrich on ‘the Left, the Jews and Israel’


Leading scholar of anti-Semitism delves into the history of the Left’s abandonment of the Jewish people.

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Barack Obama, the Socialist


Overwhelming evidence that the 44th President of the United States is a socialist.

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Greece Not Out of the Woods


Why victory for pro-bailout forces in the Greek election merely delays the inevitable.

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Socialist or Fascist?


Where Obama is really leading us.

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Obama’s Socialist New Party Membership Confirmed — on The Glazov Gang


Leftist film producer Tommi Trudeau celebrates the new evidence proving his beloved “chairman’s” socialist ties.

President Obama’s Third Party Ties

FRONTLINE "Dreams of Obama"

National Review’s Stanley Kurtz ties the president to membership in the hard-Left New Party.

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Sarko’s Last Stand


French government on the brink of a complete socialist takeover?

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Socialist Sanders’ Hot Air on Gas


It wasn’t about speculators then. It’s not about them now.

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Union Gangsters: Richard Trumka


The thug’s thug.

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Ted Turner, Billionaire Funder of the Left

Ted Turner

Ted Turner is the founder and owner of several television networks; he was also the owner of major league baseball’s Atlanta Braves for three decades. With a personal fortune of some $2 billion, Turner ranks among the wealthiest individuals on earth…. Outspoken about his leftwing political views, Turner candidly calls himself “a socialist at heart.” … A longtime admirer of Fidel Castro, Turner has called the […]