The VA Really is Socialized Medicine – That’s Why It’s Terrible


Ezra Klein at the Washington Post called the VA an example of Socialism that works.

ClintonCare Memo: “People and Businesses Will Not See a Decrease in Their Premiums”


What Hillary Clinton will be offering has the same problems as ObamaCare.

3X More Californians Lose Insurance Over ObamaCare than Get it Back


Three times as many people have lost insurance as have gained it.

75 is the Age at Which Socialized Medicine Decides you Die

death panels

Nearly half of health professionals have dealt with a cancer patient who was refused treatment

Swedes Flee Socialized Medicine After Year-Long Waiting Lists


Princess Madeleine has decided that her child will be born in the US

Why the UK Is Ditching Socialized Medicine


The urgent lessons the US must learn from the British system’s scandalous failures.

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