Obama Goes Full-Carter, Puts Solar Panels Back on White House Roof


Finally the solar panels are back and President Carter’s third term can really get starter.

Solar Panel Industry Producing Millions of Pounds of Carcinogenic Toxic Waste

Toxic Avenger

The bad news is that taxpayers shelled out 40 dollars per pound of carcinogenic toxic waste. The good news, is that it’s Clean Green carcinogenic toxic waste that comes from the sun.

List of 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in Washington Includes 4 Obama Cabinet Members


You have to admit that Obama Inc. is nothing if not ambitious. Some administrations would be satisfied with having only one member of its cabinet show up on the list of the ten most corrupt politicians in government. But Obama Inc doesn’t give up until it scores four of the spots.

From Surf to Serfdom


What the plight of the Massachusetts fishing industry tells us about Big Government.

Another Corporate Welfare Recipient Teeters on Bankruptcy


Who needs the Mega Millions when you can start an eco-boondoggle and hit the jackpot?

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An Administration’s Green Fiascos Pile Up


The bankrupt ideology that’s bankrupting the taxpayer.

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The Year in Obama Scandals


…And scandal deniers.

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Obama’s Cloud-Based Transparency


The president’s campaign promise has fallen short — to say the least.

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Secretary Chu’s Quirky Ideas


If at first you don’t succeed, try something quite odd.

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The Accountability Charade


The Obama administration has turned the act into an art form.

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