Somali Pirates Shoot at Dutch Soldiers, Ask for Asylum

Alt_Somali pirates1

“He intends to send for his wife and children as soon as he is released from prison.”

Somali Pirate May Receive Asylum in US


Apparently we just don’t have enough Somali pirates

Somalis in America Sympathize with Somali Pirates, Not Americans

This man is the real victim

“Somalis by far are the most kind, loving human beings. But they made us look like we are always ready to kill.”

Economic Crisis, Bullets Hit Somali Pirates


“There’s nothing to do here these days,” said Hassan Abdi, a high school graduate who taught English in a private school before turning to piracy in 2009. “The hopes for a revitalized market are not high.”

Crime Pays for Somali Pirates – by Stephen Brown


Al-Qaeda’s proxies step up terror war at sea.