Dreaming of ‘Palestine’s South Africa Moment’


But where is the Palestinian Gandhi?

Racist BDS Activists Try to Put Pig’s Head in Kosher Food, Put it in Halal Instead


It’s not anti-Semitism. It’s anti-Zionism. No wait, it’s still anti-Semitism.

BDS Unions Tell South Africans It’s Better to Get AIDS than Buy Israeli


BDS. It now spreads AIDS.

South African Labor Leader Calls for Murder of Jews Over Gaza


“Comrade Tony Ehrenreich is the most loved, most popular and generally acceptable amongst all racial divides”

African National Council’s Youth League Tweets “Keep Calm and Kill Jews”


“We do not need to test the patience of these masses.”

Is South Africa About to Get a Lot Worse?


“There will never be a white genocide under our rule.”

Meet South Africa’s “Child Rape” Friendly Chief Justice


“The complainant is seven years old and the injury she sustained is not serious.”

Fake Mandela Interpreter also a Rapist, Murderer and Really Well Connected


It’s unclear if he ever spent time in jail.

Crime-Ridden South Africa: Tutu’s House Robbed During Mandela Memorial


“You must show the world that we are disciplined.”

Nelson Mandela and Ronald Reagan


Few realize Reagan’s role in bringing about change in South Africa.