The Gruesome Reality of Racist South Africa


Leftist silence on the genocidal race hatred of the Marxist government they once supported.

Former Mandela Supporter Discusses Anti-White Racism in South Africa

Daily Sun Article Faraday Nkoane

“As a business owner, I can get 25 years in jail time if I do employ a white person, for instance. It is totally ridiculous; you cannot have imagined that affirmative action could have gone so far.”

White Genocide in South Africa


The new anti-white apartheid.

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Church of England Targets Israel


British Jewish community considers severing interfaith ties.

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Trashing the Constitution


Justice Ginsburg reveals her disdain for the founding document she swore an oath to protect.

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Global Warming Faithful Preach the Climate Apocalypse


How the Left exploits religion to attack world markets and keep impoverished nations poor.

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The Apartheid Lie Against Israel


Erstwhile Israel maligner Richard Goldstone stands up for the Jewish State.

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Fred Branfman, Noam Chomsky and the Communist Two-Step

Fred Branfman, author, blogger and early contributor to the current California economic miracle under Governor Jerry Brown, has written a very long apologetic about Noam Chomsky, or more accurately a standard screed against US imperialism and capitalism using Chomsky as a prop. Presumably he thought that invoking the grand old man’s name would somehow spur [...]

The Appeaser


The troubling unwillingness of Obama to confront our enemies and protect our friends.

Obama’s Empty Gestures


When will the administration honor Daniel Pearl’s memory with real action on global free press?