South African Authorities Turn to a Blind Eye to Al Qaeda Training Camp


The teams of intelligence operatives were recalled from the operation sites, all visual material seized and laptops with the surveillance data and situation reports of deep-cover agents taken away from them.

7-Year-Old Girl Raped to Death in South Africa


40% percent of South African women will be raped. In one survey, 1 in 4 men admitted to being rapists.

Desmond Tutu: Godfather of Hell


Iconic activist would rather travel the world seeking international praise than fight the horrors of South Africa.

South Africa’s Hell on Earth


Radical monsters cheered on by the international elite create a living nightmare for blacks and women.

Soda-Obsessed Mayor of Illiterate City to Convene Climate Change Summit in World’s Rape Capital


Mayor Michael Bloomberg will convene a summit of city mayors to battle Climate Change in Johannesburg. Johannesburg is known as the rape capital of the world.

Why Americans Should Know and Care About South Africa


One former resident’s incredible firsthand account.

The Gruesome Reality of Racist South Africa


Leftist silence on the genocidal race hatred of the Marxist government they once supported.

Former Mandela Supporter Discusses Anti-White Racism in South Africa

Daily Sun Article Faraday Nkoane

“As a business owner, I can get 25 years in jail time if I do employ a white person, for instance. It is totally ridiculous; you cannot have imagined that affirmative action could have gone so far.”

White Genocide in South Africa


The new anti-white apartheid.

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Church of England Targets Israel


British Jewish community considers severing interfaith ties.

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