Lenin Beheaded


The toppling of Lenin’s statue in Kiev represents a watershed moment.

The Missiles of October, the Elections of November


What if President Obama had the press that JFK had during his Soviet appeasement?

Was Harry Hopkins A Soviet Spy?


What the evidence says — and does not say.

The Left’s War on Science


Progressives follow in the Soviets’ footsteps — but changing the realities of nature is another matter.

Czech-Israeli Relations: An Enduring Friendship


The Jewish State’s best friend in both Eastern and Western Europe.

Interview with the Russian Rush Limbaugh


A Soviet-educated conservative dissects life in America.

Just What Was Fundamentally Wrong with Bolshevism?


Why communism inevitably goes horribly wrong.

The Norwegian Left’s KGB Romance


And its collaboration with Islamic totalitarians of today.

NRB Book Club: A Fantastic Review of United In Hate

From FrontPage Magazine yesterday:
[This article is reprinted from the National Observer.]
One of the great unresolved questions of recent history is why so many members of the Western left have become so besotted with, and apologetic for, ruthless totalitarian regimes. There have always been Western leftists who have idolised brutal regimes — be it the Soviet Union, [...]

Dancing With Devils


Why leftists bow to the torturers of mankind.