John Kerry’s Peculiar Priorities

Kerry for FPM

Debut speech as Secretary of State pushes foreign “investment” and global warming action in a world saturated with Islamic jihad and totalitarian danger.

Boston Globe Instigates Robert Spencer Speech Cancelation


Catholic Diocese capitulates to Islamic supremacists and leftist media.

How the Left Thinks


Deconstructing Obama’s second inaugural address.

Obama’s Startling Second Inaugural Admission


Four years later, all he can say is “an economic recovery has begun”?

Geert Wilders Still Going Strong


Islam critic and his supporters face down left-wing mob.

Freedom from Islam

Will Islam dominate America[4]

The new meaning of freedom in our time.

President Sharpton


A new video shows Barack Obama as a mirror image of the most infamous race-baiter in America.

Netanyahu’s Red Line


A last warning to the international community?

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The Egyptian President: Respect the Arab World


Then we’ll all get along just fine.

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Obama’s U.N. Speech Hits and Misses the Mark


A troubling statement parrots warnings of Islamists.

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