Over 1,000 Days in Iranian Prison for U.S. Marine


How Obama’s appeasement has increased the suffering of Tehran’s American captives.

Zionist Spies in the U.S.?


Newsweek’s anti-Israel slander.

Terry McAuliffe, Victim of Cuban Dirty Tricks


Why the left-wing gubernatorial candidate was likely caught on Castro’s Candid Camera.

Was Harry Hopkins A Soviet Spy?


What the evidence says — and does not say.

Spy Games & Double Standards


Bush was demonized as a fascist monster for far less.

Alger Hiss: Why He Chose Treason


Christina Shelton’s new book nails Hiss against the communist ideology that determined his actions and behavior.

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Mosab Hassan Yousef: The Hamas prince who was spy for Israel – NY Daily News

He was Israel's most valuable spy inside Hamas – and certainly the most unlikely. For more than a decade, Mosab Hassan Yousef disrupted dozens of suicide bombings and assassination attempts by the militant group, saving hundreds of lives. Infiltrating the upper echelons of Hamas came relatively easy for Yousef: He is the son of Hamas […]