Nostra Aetate, the Historic Condemnation of Anti-Semitism by the Catholic Church


Why the principles of an unprecedented declaration must be spread throughout the whole Christian world.

Russian Nativity Play: A Tale of Two Josephs


What happens to a Christmas play when Joseph Stalin is more known than the biblical Joseph.

The Stalin-Hitler Pact Turns 75


Why a memorial would be useful for Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Reductio ad Hillaryum


Why Hillary evoked memories of Hitler, but not Stalin, on the Ukrainian crisis.

The D’Souza Arrest: Obama Adopts the Stalinist Style


He isn’t killing his political opponents, but he is using state power to hound them.

A Farewell to Lenin: Stalin’s Litany of Vows


Ninety years since a monster’s death.

Dennis Rodman and Other Stalinist Fellow Travelers


An ugly American tradition.

Empire of Madness: Caligula in Pyongyang


The North Korean nomenklatura braces itself; no one is safe.

British Labor and the Gulag


More evidence of the Left’s devotion to mass murder for the greater good.

Collaborating with Nazis in the Counterjihad


If the Counterjihad isn’t for a free society, then it stops being a grand struggle and becomes a choice of evils.